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Jennifer Morales
Competition Team Director

Jennifer Morales discovered her love for dancing at age 3 when her mom enrolled her in a tots combo class. Wanting to grow and learn more, she enrolled in jazz, lyrical, acro, and pointe to name a few. Jennifer also participated in her studio's competition team,Kids Unlimited, where she competed for 7+ years. With the same team she had the opportunity to perform in parades, at Disneyland, and at NBA games. Jennifer's teaching path sparked at 16 when she was hired as a dance instructor at the YMCA of Greater Long Beach. She also began teaching preschool age ballet at her former dance studio. Quickly, her responsibility grew expanding the YMCA's dance program to offer jazz, cheer, and hip-hop. Teaching children of all ages and validating their dreams is a true passion of Jennifer's. She studied and earned a degree in dance and psychology at Rio Hondo College. Miss Jennifer also participated in Rio’s Dance Collective along side Momma Vee and Mrs. Anahi. There she performed in many dance concerts and even participated in the American College Dance Association. She has participated in many dance camps, dance conventions and so much more. With such an extensive dance background we are excited to have Jennifer share her knowledge with our dancers.

Sheena Castillo
Assistant Studio Director

Sheena Castillo began her formal dance training at the age of 18 after being discovered by Hae Kyung Lee of Hae Kyung Lee & Dancers, and Director of Dance at CSULA. Under Hae Kyung Lee, Sheena immersed herself in Modern Dance, and Ballet. Sheena holds a B.A. in Dance from CSULB and B.S. in Psychology. She has had the privilege to perform in the production of EL Circo Anahuac under the creative direction of Janelle Gonzalez. Production was aimed at introducing indigenous Mexican folklore into the Los Angeles community through various forms of artistry including dance, live orchestra, and Opera; and was featured in the Los Angeles Times. She has also worked on various independent dance theater productions in the Los Angeles area. She has taught Ballet notably at Rio Hondo College, and Ballet Theatre of Torrance. She is driven by the science of Dance and is continually educating herself in newer and safer methods of training such as Progressive Ballet Technique and cross training through Pilates. Her goal as a Dance Teacher and student is to bring in a new culture of body positivity and mindset to achieve and overcome any circumstances a dancer may experience through their career.

Alondra Perez

Alondra Zitlaly Pérez is a freelance artist, and Director of P[alo]mas based in Los Ángeles. Alondra has received her B. A. from Cal State Fullerton. She is a first generation Chicana, and growing up in East Los Angeles she has always had a deep connection with her brown community. Alondra continues to create work that helps her communicate with humanity and share her experience as a Mexican American woman. Alondra creates to connect with humanity and simply exist as a human bean. She creates her work through the power of improvisation, allowing her body to tell stories of her existence on earth and those who came before her. “Life’s a trip.”

Venus Fields
Studio Director

Venus, also known as Momma Vee by the kids, is an active performer and choreographer. She studied Dance, English, and General Arts at Rio Hondo College. She recently graduated from Los Angeles Pacific University with a BA in education. She is a certified single-subject dance teacher and will have a multisubject teaching credential by June. Venus began her dance career by participating in musicals at the age of 10 and now choreographs them. Venus has gone on tour to Scotland to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Rio Hondo College as a choreographer and performer. She has performed at the Arroyo Secco Music Festival at the Rose Bowl, American College Dance Association, Club Jete, World of Dance, Choreographer's Carnival, and Tiger Heat, and is still performing independently. Venus has performed with companies such as Collabor8 Dance, Latina Heat, and Illumin8 and is currently a part of the Dancers With Curves dance company. Venus teaches Contemporary, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Ballet, Modern, African Fusion, and Hip-Hop. Aside from being the owner of UDS, she has her own dance program in the Valle Lindo School District and is starting a dance team at South El Monte High School. 


Anahi Duarte
Competition Team Co-Director

Anahi Duarte began dancing at the age  of 10. She is trained in jazz, contemporary, military drill and modern. She continued her studies at Rio Hondo College. She currently teaches Jazz II, contemporary and choreographs for UNET's Competition Team. She has participated in the American College Dance Association and performed at Disneyland and many other places.


Alana Cho

Alana Cho started dancing at 4 years old at Alegria where she began competing at eight years old. She studied Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Salsa. She is currently at Mount San Antonio College where she is studying to get her in AA  in Dance, Kinesiology and World languages. She has participated in the  Palm Desert choreography Festival as well as being a part of the American College Dance Association.


Arnetta Glass

Arnetta’s love for dance started very late in life. At the age of 18, she threw herself into her passion and life became immediately better. She studied Dance and Business at Cerritos College, where she was the assistant Artistic Director for the Dance Department from 2003 to 2006. After becoming a Mother she found that teaching children was where her heart and skill really shined. Teaching dance for 20 years, she became well versed in several dance styles along with learning the history of Dance to better understand where it all came from. You will find yourself in a history class while she teaches. She has trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. She continues to find inspiration with the help of her daughters playlist. She believes that if you have a heartbeat, you can dance. So pick a style! And if you can’t find one that fits you, she is always open to helping you create something new along the way!!!!

Britney Augstin

Ms. Britney found her love for dance at the age of 4. 
She has trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Pointe, Hip Hop, Salsa, Waltz, and Hawaiian Dance. In high school, she was on the Dance Team for 2 years and wanted to expand her opportunities so she joined the Song Team as well. During her senior year, she was asked to be a student coach and choreographer for the dance team in which she continued to coach and choreograph after she graduated. After high school, she was also a part of two competitive hip hop dance teams, Three23 and Team Millennia. In addition, she has performed in many events such as the Rose Parade and World of Dance. She then started her own choreography business called Brownie Choreography in which she choreographs for Quinceaneras, Sweet Sixteens, Debuts, Weddings and many other special events and occasions. Ms. Britney is very excited to be a part of the UNET family and can’t wait to inspire and share her passion for dance to all of her students. 


Edgar Vicencio

Edgar Vicencio is a Freestyler/Choreographer, Dancer, Coach, and Director. I have been dancing since I was 13 years old and have trained in various styles of Hip Hop, including Popping, Tutting, Animation, Hip Hop Choreography, etc. In High School, I was the founder and captain of the Bell Gardens High School All Male Hip Hop Dance Team. After graduating High School, he was a part of The Mob Dance Company, where Edgar trained under the direction of Jay Chris Moore and learned from many other Choreographers. He has performed at many events, including World Of Dance LA, Choreographers Carnival, and many more. Edgar is the Founder and Director of the BG Hip Hop Dance Team and Assistant Director for the Bell Gardens High School Dance Company, where he has choreographed for and directed Dance Concerts with over 100+ students. "I wish to spread my love for dance to anyone and everyone!"cio is a

Nadine Gomez

Nadine Gomez is a performer and choreographer studying Dance at Río Hondo College and East Los Angeles College.
She has explored various styles of dance including jazz, ballet, pom, drill, contemporary, hip hop, modern and musical theater. She has competed at the California Association of Dance/Drill Team Directors, and Miss Dance Drill Team USA competitions. She has most recently participated in the American College Dance Association on behalf of Río Hondo College.
Nadine’s dance philosophy centers around mindful movement that prioritizes artistic expression and individuality. She seeks to create a safe space for dancers of all backgrounds to move mindfully, collaboratively and creatively.

Pamela Ybarra

Pamela Ybarra started dancing at the age of 5. Pamela grew up taking ballet and acrobatic classes. When she went to high school, her love grew even more. Pamela pursued dance by joining her high school dance company. From there, she performed in many football and basketball games and dance concerts. From there, she did not stop; she continued to dance in college and focused on jazz and belly dance classes at East Los Angeles College. Her love for dance gave her the opportunity to be an after-school dance coach. Pamela is excited to continue her love for dance by teaching our little ones here at UDS.


Paulina Janson

Paulina Janson started off her dance career at Alegria at the small age of 4. From there she continued her career at LA Dance Connection where she participated in the competition team attending conventions and competitions such as Tremaine, Celebrity, LA Dance Magic, and more. She is trained in a series of styles including, Ballet, tap, Jazz, hip-hop, Pointe, and lyrical. The last of her training was spent in Song Pom style dance, where she was captain and spent four years performing and competing. Dance will always hold a special place in her heart and she is here at UDS to help share that love and creative outlet.

Rosita Rico

Rosita Rico has been dancing since she was 9 and trained and competed with a dance team in a studio for several years. She also completed her Certificate of Achievement in Dance at Rio Hondo College and is working towards a degree in Dance and a minor in Marketing. “Teaching is my passion and a dream of mine to have, I love watching students grow and become their best to their abilities. I don’t expect students to be the best, but to only try their best and strive to be the best they can be.”

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